Behind-the-scenes on “Charlotte”

Lemac has recently generously provided sponsorship in the form of discounted camera hire to Fluid Screen Motion for the production of their independent short film, ‘Charlotte’. Filmmaker Nathan Hunt said in a statement:

“To get my Indie feature film "Charlotte" underway we needed a concept shoot to showcase to potential producing partners, investors, interested parties etc. I approached Lynn Simpson, who is the Rentals Manager at Lemac, and they happily sponsored the shoot.

We were provided the RED MX with Zeiss glass and the Steadicam Flyer. Most shots were either flying on the Steadicam or hand held. The story calls for a raw but in-motion aesthetic so I rarely locked the shot down. We would mostly use natural light but with our interior set-ups we used a mix of HMI and LED.

The reason for the RED MX over the HDSLR option was resolution and our room to move. When it comes time to presenting 'Charlotte', resolution and clarity will be paramount.

A massive thank you to Lynn, the Lemac crew and Lemac Films as an entity for supporting independent filmmaking. Helping us get there one little bit at a time.”

Hunt is currently residing in Boston, promoting coverage needed to complete the shoot for “Charlotte” and developing the material that will allow it to gain interest from financiers, producers, and distributors.

Check out a great video below by Fluid Screen Motion of Lemac’s gear in use in the field.

Behind the scenes of 'Charlotte' - Red MX shoot. from Lemac Film and Digital on Vimeo.