Asensetek Lighting Passport - $1 App Deal

As proud agents for the world’s first smart spectrometer, Lemac are happy to announce a limited time offer to celebrate three successful years of the Asensetek Lighting Passport.

Lighting Passport Pro is not only the “World’s First Smart Spectrometer” with powerful capabilities, but now includes 6 new features, including Flicker measurability!


  • State-of-the-art MEMS technology that integrates Flicker measurability.
  • Conformance to U.S. IES / ASSIST / Energy Star / etc… standards.
  • A variety of APPs for all lighting applications.
  • Accurate measurement on any kind of light.
  • Save and send all your measurements electronically via email, webchat, twitter, etc.

In addition to measuring your lights with absolute confidence, for a limited time, you can also turn your Lighting Passport Pro into an Exposure meter as well for only $1USD until November 30, 2016.

Spectrum Genius Studio

List Price $199.99 USD - Special Price 1 USD

Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS) doesn’t just offer complete TLCI reading, it also provides users with “Color Checker Chart” and “Colorists Advice.” “Colorist Advice” indicates the best references for colorists to make adjustments on the lightness, chromaticity, and hue.

Spectrum Genius Studio (iPad)

List Price $199.99 USD - Special Price 1 USD

“Spectrum Genius Studio” not only has all features of SGS-iPad, but is also added with several popular parameters of professional photography, such as LBi, CCi, White Balance, Exposure Value, Exposure Compensation, ISO、Aperture, and Shutter. “Spectrum Genius Studio” provides accurate information for photographers to create pictures of styles.

The world’s best light meter is also the world’s best deal. Get the best light meter on the market and turn it into an exposure meter for only $1USD. Offer ends 30/11/2016

Spectrum Genius Transmittance

List Price $99.99 USD - Special Price 1 USD

With Spectrum Genius Transmittance (SGT), you can instantly get the Original Spectrum, Reduction Spectrum, Average Transmittance, the Transmittance of the specified wavelengths, and Rejection of the specified wavelengths.