A Quick FS700 High Speed Test

With the recent arrival of the Sony FS700 cameras, we took the opportunity to shoot a high speed test – focussing on its 400fps capability. The camera is said to perform best at up to 200/240fps, however we were rather impressed at these preliminary tests shot at 400fps, with not a great deal of aliasing noticeable.

Super Slow Motion frame rates currently available on the FS700 are:

In 50Hz: 100, 200, 400, 800 fps.
In 60Hz: 120, 240, 480, 960 fps.

As well as pre-set Slow and Quick speeds, up to 50fps in 50Hz, 60fps in 60Hz.

As expected, 800fps shows a significant degradation in image quality.

We shot this test while also trialling the new Canon EF to Sony E Mount adaptor from Metabones, which is a solid adaptor between the two mounts and allows for iris control through the camera, although at this stage auto-focus is still unavailable. Our shot of the sparks flying off the angle grinder was shot from behind transparent plastic for protection.

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