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18 Footers Go Live

Lemac Sydney was approached by Aeromedia and The 18 Footer Club to work on solutions for the broadcast of the 2017 Giltinan Championship. The objective seemed simple enough, provide a solution to stabilize shots from a camera mounted to their boat.

Lemac’s Sales and experienced Service team collaborated and worked closely consulting with Aeromedia factoring in all variables and foreseeable challenges. The result was a custom designed and built system comprising of a Blackmagic Design Micro, and Olympus 12-50mm in a DJI Ronin fixed to a Flowcine Black Arm, all contained in an Aeromedia designed water proof enclosure. Uninterrupted power supplies were custom built by the Lemac Service team, as well as cables to feed to Blackmagic Design Smartview monitors.

The initial plan was to solely use the Ronin for stabilization, but after discussions it became apparent with the harsh conditions would be too much for the Ronin to handle alone. The additional support of the Flowcine Black Arm was a perfect pairing allowing them to achieve smooth shots in the harshest of conditions.