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Your Vision, Our Support - For over 40 years

We simply love delivering the best kit, supported by the best people, every time!

Whether it’s for feature film, drama, reality, TVC, documentary, corporate, shorts, music clip, live event, webcasts, news or current affairs Lemac have the solution for you. Whatever story or message you want to tell, on whatever medium, no matter whether you need to rent it, buy it, install it, learn it, produce it, deliver it, fix it we can help you do it.

Lemac was founded in 1975 with a single sun gun (portable light) as the first rental item. Over the years, we’ve gone from strength to strength and expanded into sales, service and support. We were the first rental house in Australia to deliver both film and video, the first to recognise that HDTV was the future and that film was the ultimate high definition source. Lemac were the first with RED cameras and to recognize the impact they would have on the development of future digital acquisition technology. Today we continue to lead the way and have just supported the first live 4K Broadcasts in Australia.

1975 was an exciting time for the Australian Film Industry with the release of the iconic Picnic at Hanging Rock. The resurgence of the film and television industry was underway, supported by successive governments that believed in the importance of telling our own uniquely Australian stories.

Now in 2019, as we roll forward through over 40 years of technological change and world class Australian talent, both behind and in front of the camera, it’s never been more exciting.

The technology is more diverse, more powerful and more accessible than ever but it’s never just about the technology. Lemac is about the people.

For forty years, the Lemac crew have been the first with the best and we will continue to strive to provide outstanding solutions and support for our customers. It’s what we are about and always will be.

Dedicated Service


We simply love delivering the best kit, supported by the best people, every time!

Rental Equipment


Our extensive rentals range covers virtually every aspect of film, digital cinema, broadcast and video production.



We offer both specialized and general support for our customers and the broader community.

Latest News

Sony launches flagship FX9 camcorder with newly-developed Full-Frame sensor, Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system and enhanced mobility features

Sony today unveils the PXW-FX9, its first XDCAM camcorder featuring an advanced 6K Full-Frame sensor and Fast Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system. The new flagship camcorder offers content creators greater creative capabilities to capture stunning images that truly resonate with audiences. Building on the success of the PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7M2, the FX9 uniquely combines high mobility with an advanced AF system, impressive bokeh and slow-motion capabilities thanks to its newly-developed sensor. The FX9 also inherits its colour science and Dual Base ISO 800/4000 from the VENICE digital motion picture camera and represents the ultimate tool of choice for documentaries, music videos, drama productions and all-round event shooting.

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