Sony UWP-D16CE33 Wireless Lav & Plug-On Transmitter System

Code: SOC/UWPD16CE33
Replacing the well-regarded UWP-V series, UWP-D uses new hybrid digital processing technology to deliver higher quality sound and function for field shooting. Included plug-on transmitter provides phantom power for greater choice of microphone use. Block CE33 covers 566 to 630 MHz. Be sure to check to ensure your locations are covered.


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The UWP-D16 belt-pack wireless microphone package offers a complete UWP-D audio system offering the sound quality of digital audio processing combined with the reliability of analogue FM modulation.. The package includes the UTX-B03 belt-pack transmitter, UTX-P03 XLR plug-on transmitter (48V) and URX-P03 portable receiver. Also included is a high quality omni-directional lavalier microphone and a range of accessories including windscreen, microphone holder clip, belt-clip and shoe-mount adaptor.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid digital processing technology – for high quality sound.
  • Wide tuning range up to 64MHz – frequency agility provides versatility
  • Automatic Channel Setting mode – with IR Sync for transmitter setting.
  • USB connection for battery charging and portable external power units.
  • Receiver is equipped with output level control – for cameras with fixed input.
  • Larger backlit LCD display – twice the size of previous series.
  • Smaller sized receiver than previous series.
  • Plug-on transmitter UTX-P03 delivers 48V phantom power.
  • Compact, lightweight and robust all-metal construction.
  • True diversity – with two separate receiving circuits.
  • Headphone monitoring output on receiver.

Kit Includes:

  • UTX-B03 belt-pack transmitter
  • URX-P03 portable receiver
  • UTX-P03 XLR plug-on transmitter (48V)
  • Omni-directional lavalier microphone (x1)
  • Microphone-holder clip (x1).
  • Windscreen (x1).
  • Belt clip (x2).
  • Shoe-mount adaptor (x1).
  • Two output cables (3-pole mini-plug/XLR and 3-pole mini-plug/stereo mini-plug).
  • Sony Pro Audio Training Video Playlist

    System Specification

    RF Frequency: CE33 566.025 - 630.000 [MHz]
    Pre-emphasis / De-emphasis: 50μs
    S/N: > 60dB
    T.H.D. + N: < 0.9%
    Audio Delay: approx. 0.7 msec (Transmitter + Receiver)
    Frequency Response: 40Hz – 18kHz

    UTX-B03 Transmitter Specification

    Type: Bodypack
    Microphone: Omni-directional
    Audio ATT (3dB step): 0dB – 27dB
    Battery: Alkaline (AA) x 2 / Ni-MH (AA) x 2 / Lithium (AA) x 2
    External Power Supply: via USB
    Battery Life: (with Alkaline) 10H (at 25℃, 10mW), 8H (at 25℃, 30mW)
    Weight (without batteries): approx. 103g

    UTX-P03 Transmitter Specification

    Type: Plug-On
    RF Power: 30mW
    Audio ATT (3dB step): 0dB – 48dB
    Battery: Alkaline (AA) x 2 / Ni-MH (AA) x 2 / Lithium (AA) x 2
    External Power Supply: via USB
    Battery Life: (with Alkaline) 8H (at 25℃, 30mW), 6H (at 25℃, 50mW)
    Weight (without batteries): approx. 145g

    Receiver Specification

    Type: Portable
    Squelch Level: 18dBμ
    Output Level: -60dBV (at ±5kHz deviation)
    Output Adjust Range: -12dB - +12dB (in 3dB step)
    Headphone Output Level: max. 10mW (at 16ohm load)
    Battery: Alkaline (AA) x 2 / Ni-MH (AA) x 2 / Lithium (AA) x 2
    External Power Supply: via USB
    Battery Life (with Alkaline): 6 hours (at 25℃)
    Weight (without battery): approx. 136g