• $330.00
    Per Day
    (inc GST)

    Steadicam Flyer

    For taking slightly larger payloads, the Flyer offers stable and fluid shooting with compact HD and film cameras at the heavier end of the spectrum just before diving into the pro end of the Steadicam family. Has been used with HVX202/P+S setup, 202, EX3, Red EPIC, Aaton A-Minima.

  • $200.00
    Per Day
    (inc GST)

    Steadicam Pilot

    The Pilot is a versatile, lightweight Steadicam, taking both small compact cameras and some of the bulkier prosumer cameras such as the Panasonic HVX202, and definitely a better option for use with DSLR.

  • $300.00
    Per Day
    (inc GST)

    Steadicam Scout

    With a payload capacity of 2.3-8kg, the Scout is the newest addition to the Lemac Steadicam fleet, capable of handling a wide range of cameras.


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