Camera Jibs

  • $66.00
    Per Day
    (inc GST)

    Kessler Crane KC-Lite

    This is a lightweight jib with a length of 2.4mtrs (longer than the Cinekinetic), and suited to compact HD cameras such as DSLRs, C300, etc. Camera weight capacity is 4.5kg.

  • $110.00
    Per Day
    (inc GST)

    Cinekinetic McJib

    Cinekinetic McJib is a 2-metre jib arm suitable for a range of cameras from small to large, with options to be set up with either 100mm or 150mm bowls, tripods.

  • $195.00
    Per Day
    (inc GST)

    ABC MiniCrane

    The ABC jib has 3 different assembly lengths - 3.6m, 2.6m & 1.8m - and a camera weight capacity of 5kg. It's tube assembly system makes it a lightweight shooting option. ABC MiniCrane


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