• 5.5" TV Logic HD LCD

    This lightweight monitor from TV Logic offers outstanding picture quality in it's small 5.5" design. It supports 3G/HD/SD SDI and HDMI signals and comes feature rich, with features including Waveform, Vectorscope, Focus Assist, Luma(Y’) Zone Check, 1:1 Pixel Mode, Camera Lut., Arri Camera Metadata, HDMI-to-SDI conversion output, and more.

  • 5.6” TV Logic HD-SDI/HDMI LCD

    The TV Logic 5.6" is a super-lightweight yet sturdy monitor offering both HDMI and HD-SDI inputs. Features unique to the monitor include DSLR scaling (which compensates for the 5D's different image size via HDMI-out while recording), and a loop-through from HDMI to HD-SDI. The monitor also includes a Waveform/Vectorscope, False Colour Focus Assist, 1:1 Pixels and an exposure checker.

  • 7" SmallHD 702 Monitor

    The 1000 NIT feature-rich 7 inch SmallHD 702 monitor is perfect for daylight shooting

  • 7" Transvideo RainbowHD Superbright Monitor

    A super bright 7" monitor (900Nit), the Transvideo RainbowHD is a rugged, slim monitor perfect for outdoor or body-rig shooting. Transvideo have precision machined the monitor from aluminum, meaning that the housing is fully sealed with no cooling fans and no fan noise to intrude on your shoot. It also features an anti reflective protective glass screen and built-in HDMI to SDI converter.

  • 7” TV Logic HD-SDI/HDMI LCD

    The 7" TV Logic features 1024 x 600px resolution, x2 3G/HD/SD SDI inputs, HDMI I/O, SDI out (w/ converter from HDMI), waveform, vectorscope and more.

  • 17" Sony OLED Monitor

    Sony OLED monitors offer deep blacks with high dynamic range, x2 3G-SDI in, x1 HDMI in, a wide colour gamut and accurate image reproduction.

  • 17” Panasonic HD-SDI LCD

    Housed in a production-ready roadcase, the 17" HD LCD is the workhorse of our monitor fleet, consistently used as a reference, field or client monitor. Well suited for it's high resolution (1280 x 768 dots), multi-format ability, waveform, and versatile inputs such as x2 seperate HD-SDI, composite, component, analog audio in, and switched out.

  • 5" Blackmagic Video Assist

    The 5” Video Assist features a 1920 x 1080 screen, HD recorder, and a down converter for monitoring and recording HD from Ultra HD cameras. The large screen makes it easier to focus and frame shots, while the recorder saves 10-bit 4:2:2 broadcast quality files

  • 17" Swit S-1173 HD LCD Calibrated Monitor

    The Swit S-1173H 17" Monitor uses a 17.3 -inch IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD panel and features Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, LED backlight, and 700:1 contrast for accurate color reproduction. The viewing angle is Horizontal: 160° / Vertical: 160°.

  • 26” Panasonic HD-SDI LCD

    26.0" Widescreen Multi-Format Color Production Monitor with Pixel-to-Pixel Mapping, Split Screen Freeze & Built-In Wave Form Monitor


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