• Ready Rig Gimbal Stabilisation System

    Camera stabilisation meets practical weight support.

    The Ready Rig distributes the camera and gimbal weight away from the operators arms and onto the hips, maximising comfort and minimising fatigue.

  • Easyrig (Range)

    The ergonomically designed Easyrig is a portable camera support system which is designed to reduce strain when operating a camera handheld.

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  • MYT 5ft Slider Dolly

    Designed by a filmmaker to meet the practical needs of camera operators and grips, Glide sliders have a portable, modular design for numerous quick setups in any shooting environment.

  • Syrp Magic Carpet / Genie Kit

    Compact and lightweight, the Syrp Genie kit is a portable and easy-to-use device for creating smooth panning motion time-lapses or real-time video.

  • P+S Technik Skater Dolly

    Ideal for low-angle or table-top dolly shots, the Skater dolly has three polyurethane wheels which are all adjustable to run either straight or curved, and features an industry-standard dovetail plate for quick mounting via camera bridge plate, with options to use smaller cameras as well.

  • Steadicam (Range)

    The Steadicam, invented by cinematographer Garrett Brown in the 1970s, is one of the most influential developments in film technology of the past 50 years. Allowing for fluid movement without the distinctive shake of handheld photography, the Steadicam is a dynamic production tool for capturing all manner of film takes.

    Lemac Rentals has a range of Steadicams for use with small and compact cameras.

  • Wally Dolly

    Super lightweight and smooth 3-metre track dolly (extensions optional) which will suit virtually any tripod.

  • ABC MiniCrane

    The ABC jib has 3 different assembly lengths - 3.6m, 2.6m & 1.8m - and a camera weight capacity of 5kg. It's tube assembly system makes it a lightweight shooting option.

  • Cinekinetic McJib

    Cinekinetic McJib is a 2-metre jib arm suitable for a range of cameras from small to large, with options to be set up with either 100mm or 150mm bowls, tripods.

  • Cheese Wedge 30/60deg.

    The Cheesewedge adds an extra 30 or 60 degree angle to a fluid head (either 100mm or 150mm), allowing you to either shoot directly downwards or semi-upside down (the equivalent of peering upwards and back a bit!)

  • Cinekinetic Cinesaddle

    A super-light and fast, shock absorbing bag for mounting cameras quickly.


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