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Zacuto FS5 EVF Recoil V2

Code: Z-S5R-V2
Next Generation Recoil rigs are designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. In a Recoil rig, the balance point needs to be directly over your shoulder which puts the camera behind you. This requires focus, monitoring and camera controls to be relocated forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig. Next Generation Recoil rigs are compatible with all cameras from a tiny mirrorless to a camera the size of an ALEXA.

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Next Generation Recoil Rigs for Sony FS5

The Sony FS7 Recoil and Sony FS5 Recoil can be used with either an EVF, like our Gratical HD, or with a Zacuto Z-Finder using the camera’s own LCD monitor. The Sony FS5 Z-Finder Recoil is a complete rig that can be used right out of the box. It includes a Z-Finder for use with the Sony LCD screen.

There were three specific challenges to designing rigs for the Sony FS7 and FS5 cameras. The first was finding balance for shoulder mounted work, the second was re-positioning the camera handgrip forward, and the third was making the built in LCD screens usable by creating Z-Finders and moving them far forward to accommodate camera balance.

A built-in shoulder pad does not always mean a balanced camera. Older Betacam’s had built-in shoulder pads with heavy recorders and batteries as counterbalance, as well as a lower center of gravity. But, with modern lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is approximately where the lens meets the camera body, which puts the camera behind you when properly balanced on your shoulder. By adding our VCT Universal baseplate you can slide the camera backward and forward to achieve perfect balance and comfort to accommodate various lenses and accessories.

If you want steady shots and want to be able to shoot all day you need to realize that your hands are not there to support the camera, that’s what your shoulder is for. Your hands should be guiding the camera, controlling the camera and focusing the camera. If you are supporting the weight of the camera with your hands you cannot move your hands to engage a button or focus without shaking the camera. Be able to shoot steady shots all day with our Next Generation Recoil–The only perfectly balanced rig for all cameras!

Sony FS5 EVF Recoil

Just like the FS7 model, we start out with our VCT Pro baseplate. A handgrip for your camera control grip includes a rosette and two adjustment point to position your grip in the right spot.

The FS5 Top Plate attached directly to your camera with two screws. It is unobtrusive and can stay on your camera at all times. Also included is the FS5 Axis Mini which attaches to the Top Plate. This combination offers a secure, adjustable mount for either an EVF, like our Gratical HD, or the FS5 Z-Finder which attaches to the Sony LCD. (Z-Finder and EVF not included.)

Here’s how this rig breaks down: