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SWIT PB-H290S 290Wh Battery and Stand Adaptor Bundle


Please note: The PB-H290S battery is bi-voltage.

Please ensure this battery is compatible with your existing devices, before purchasing.

If in doubt, please contact us for more info.

This SWIT PB-H290S Battery and TD-R210S Light Stand Bundle provides a nice solution to drive high-power lights. It comes with 4x PB-H290S Batteries, 1x TD-R210S Adaptor, charger and carry case.

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What's In The Box?

  • 1x TD-R210S Adaptor
  • 4x PB-H290S Batteries
  • 1x S-3822S Charger
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • The SWIT PB-H290S is a great solution for high voltage cine lights. Using the SWIT Intelligent Bi-voltage Battery System, the PB-H290S can output both 11-16.8V normal voltage and 22-33.6V high voltage, with auto recognition and switching by the dedicated V-mount plate.

    The TD-R210S light stand power adapter is a solution to drive high-power lights with only 2x V-lock batteries with optional 24V or 48V regulated outputs. It's high-load, portable and easily mounts on most industry Light and C-stands. A quick install feature wraps the unit around a stand (0.9" to 1.78" diameter) via snap & slide system, or sits on the floor. When used with the 2x PB-H290S 290W batteries, the adapter combines the voltage to output 24v (240W on XLR4 female) or 48v DC (500W on XLR3 female), selectable via a 2-position switch. It's a powerful solution for minimizing a myriad of battery supplies needed to power various gear on the same set while maximizing use of a DC source.

    Key Features

    SWIT PB-H290S 290WH Bi-Voltage V-lock Battery
    • 14.4V/28.8V Bi-voltage auto switch
    • Compatible with normal voltage chargers
    • 290Wh capacity, Max 200W high load
    • 6A fast charging support 
    TD-R210S 48V/24V Light Stand Power Adaptor
    • 4pin Regulated 24V out, Max 240W
    • 3pin Regulated 48V out, Max 500W
    • Fits light stand rod 25-45mm diameter
    • Neutrik XLR connectors