3G-SDI and HDMI wireless video up to 150m



SWIT SW-M150 Wireless TX/RX Kit

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3G-SDI and HDMI wireless video up to 150m
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Key Features

  • 3GSDI & HDMI 150m Wireless System
  • 150 meters (Line-of-Sight) distance
  • Less than 1 millisecond latency
  • OLED Display & Channel Switch
  • Chip Level Encryption
  • Instant Playback Mode
  • Accurate Color Reproduction

OLED Display & Channel Switch

Both Tx and Rx are equipped with OLED to display signal format, wireless channel and signal strength. Support visualized wireless conditions of all 11 channels, and manually select a best one to work.*

*For DFS comply, use CH-0/1/2/3/9/10 only or switch to AUTO mode.

Instant Playback Mode

Some of the cine cameras like Alexa Mini, Red Raven, when operate playback on the camera, the output SDI clock was interrupted and will break the wireless video transmission. SW-M series provide the“ Instant Playback” mode, to support the constant wireless video receiving.

Chip Level Encryption

The Transmitter and Receiver need to pair and work encrypted. Supports Max 1 to 4 multicast. Any unpaired receivers can’t been connected with the Transmitter, in order to protect the camera footages.

Accurate Color Reproduction

Due to the wireless chip limitation, the normal wireless systems cannot truely reproduce colors. SW-M series made particular algorithm modifications, to ensure a broadcast level accurate color reproduction