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SWIT Flow2000 5GHz Wireless System

With reliable 2000ft/600m range, 3GSDI and HDMI inputs, double encryption and anti-interference transmission capabilities the Flow2000 is a professional quality wireless TX/RX system.


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Compact Design

Both models in the Flow family feature the same compact size for their transmitters and receivers, are powered NP-F DV batteries and feature new high gain antennas.

Multicast and Double Encryption

The Flow series allows for 1 transmitter to connect to up to 4 receivers using it's reliable multicast mode. The transmitter and receivers are paired and double encrypted by private transmission protocol and by AES128, in order to protect your signal (DFS Compliant).

Anti-interference Transmission

With a built-in wireless frequency scanner, the system will automatically jump to the best wireless channel ranging from 5.1 to 5.9GHz, based on current surroundings to ensure a reliable and interference-free transmission. You can also switch the wireless channels manually. The OLED screen displays video format and wireless signal strength information.

Strong Wall-Penetrating Performance

The strong signal performance of the Flow series maintains video transmission through walls with less potential for signal interruption, when compared to other 5GHz wireless transmitters.

Re-Clock and Color Reproduction

To ensure the quality of black level, signal noise and color reproduction of your video signal, the Flow series wireless receiving supports signal re-clock and accurate color reproduction.