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Easyrig Vario 5 with Cinema Flex Vest (Standard) & Stabil G2 Stabiliser


The Easyrig Vario 5 and Stabil G2 Stabiliser with Cinema Flex Vest combines the Vario 5 with a vest designed for female camera operators, to support camera rigs weighing 11 to 38 lb.


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What's In The Box?

  • Vario 5
  • Cinema Flex Vest (Standard)
  • STABIL Stabiliser Arm
  • Quick Release Camera Hook
  • Side Pouch
  • Transport Bag

The Easyrig Vario 5 with Cinema Flex Vest and STABIL Stabiliser combines the Vario 5 with a vest designed for female camera operator, which is adjustable to support camera rigs weighing 5-17kg. The system works by using a suspension line to support the weight of the Cinema Flex rig, taking the load off of your shoulder, neck, and arm muscles, and distributing it across your torso. The tension line is adjustable by turning a screw in the back, letting you dial in the appropriate amount of tension for your rig.

The STABIL arm comes with a tension spring on the camera connection to smooth the motion in your footage. A carrying bag is also included for convenient storage and transport of the Easyrig system.


  • 5kg to 17kg load capacity
  • Adjustable line tension for different cameras and configurations
  • Lockable camera hook
  • Vest and waist belt made of breathable material
  • Made in Sweden


Easyrig Cinema Flex Vest

The Cinema Flex Vest is a modified version of the standard Cinema 3 vest. The upper part over the breast is reinforced for a better fitness for female camera operators.

The upper part is adjustable with velcro over the shoulder. Under the arm there is a 40 mm band that is adjustable for the perfect fi.


Weight - entire system: 8kg
Weight - only the vest 2.1 kg
Suspension line length 143 cm when fully stretched.
Capacity 5kg in steps to 17 kg
Minimum waist hip strap length: 70 cm (27 in)
Maximum waist hip strap length: 140 cm (55 in)