Dedolight Scrim Kit - Set of 4

4 piece scrim set for Dedolight light heads

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This is a 4 piece scrim set for Dedolight light heads.

Full scrims dim the light across the entire beam spread, 1/2 and graduated scrims are used to even the beam spread when lighting a subject or background from an angle.

Kit Includes:

DSCFS Full Scrim, Single

Light reduction of 43 % (3/4 stop).

DSCFD Full Scrim, Double

Light reduction of 55 % (~1.2 stops).

DSCS1/2 Half Scrim, Single

Reduces light for approximately half angle of light output.

360° rotatable.

DSCD1/2 Half Scrim, Double DSCG Graduated scrim

Allows lighting with a gentle blend of three intensities.

360° rotatable.