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Dedolight Ledzilla2 On Board Daylight LED Light

The Dedolight Ledzilla2 combines a single, high powered LED with Dedo's patented double aspheric optics. It is also focusable, easily converts to tungsten if required and has amazing output for it;s small physical size.

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The Dedolight Ledzilla2 on-board daylight light head works with a single, high-power LED in combination with dedolight double aspheric optics, resulting in amazing output. Unlike the majority of LED lights, Ledzilla2 focuses like a Dedolight. No other focusing LED light compares - from 4 ° to 56 °.

The Ledzilla2 offers smooth light distribution in each and every focusing position.

It also features a wide-angle flip-up diffuser for a 70 ° angle spread of light and can convert from it's native daylight into tungsten with a simple flip-down filter.

The Ledzilla2's colour rendition and colour distribution is cleaner than comparable LED lights.

The Light can be powered from any 6 V to 18 V DC power source. Optional battery shoes are compatible with Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon mini-DV batteries.

While retaining it's high output, the Ledzilla2 is also very frugal when it comes to power. Using Sony's NP batteries as an example, the following run times can be expected:

  • NP-F550 7.2 V, 2000 mA, 105 minute run time.
  • NP-F750 7.2 V, 4000 mA, 210 minute run time.
  • NP-F950 7.2 V, 6000 mA, 330 minute run time.
  • When dimmed to 50 % light output, power consumption drops accordingly resulting in twice the run time. It can also be powered from any Anton/Bauer or PAG system, car cigarette lighter output or battery belt. It also features a 'power available' LED indicator.

    It can operate from - 40° C up to + 40° C.

    The front-end bayonet mount allows the addition of attachments and light modifiers such as soft boxes, soft tubes and more.


Distance Meter 1 2 3 4 5 10
Feet 3 6 9 12 15 30
Flood Lux 435 109 48
Foot Candle 40 10 4,5
Medium Lux 957 239 106 60
Foot Candle 89 22 9,9 5,6
Spot Lux 5400 1350 600 338 216 54
Foot Candle 502 126 56 31 20 5