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Dedolight DPB70 1200W Parallel Beam Light

Code: DED/DPB70
The Dedo DPB70 is a unique, professional light fxture that provides a powerful parallel beam

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The Dedo DPB70 is a unique, professional light fxture that provides a powerful parallel beam

The DPB70 works with a very special 1200W metal halide lamp, providing a light beam of around 70 cm (27,6“). This lamp has been specially designed and adapted for use in the The Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS), helping to smooth out the light distribution within the beam. Providing a better, more even, light distrbution, the DPB70 allows the Reflected Light System to work smoother in such a way that when a reflector is inserted into the beam, the depth of insertion also works as a method to change the intensity (proportion) of the reflected light. In such a way it works like an opto-mechanical dimmer, allowing to fine-tune the intensity of the light being taken out of the main beam and directed towards the area to be lit, directly or through another reflector, changing direction again.

About The Lightstream System

Film lighting fixtures usually require further manipulation in order to recreate natural looking light.

It’s this modification or “Shaping of the light” that is the essence of film lighting, however, traditionally this process requires a variety of additional equipment and is time consuming, expensive and restrictive to both the director and actors.

To address these issues, the Lightstream system uses dedicated parallel beam light fixtures and newly developed optical attachments (for existing focussing Dedolights), in conjunction with a variety of extremely efficient reflectors. These reflectors feature specifically designed surfaces and sizes for different purposes.

When using Lightstream for cinematic drama, the core of the system is usually the large DPB70 1200W Parallel Beam Light, which is then augmented by other focussing Dedodlights. Not only does this allow us to achieve the feeling, character and function of natural light but we can do so with a much less extensive list of equipment (stands, flags, etc).


Overall outer dimensions:    92 x 100 x 62 cm
Weight:    49.8 kg (109.8 lb)
Light source:    special design, 1200W metal halide lamp with G22 socket
   specially adapted for function within the DPB70 light fixture
Power consumption:    1200 W