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Dedolight DLED7 TURBO Bi-Colour Light head

The new DLED7 TURBO LED light head from Dedolight offers a drastically enhanced output while remaining the same basic size as the existing DLED4. It also features super silent active cooling enabling the use of much higher wattage LEDs.

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Dedolight's new DLED7 offers almost double the performance of the existing DLED4 (40w) in an almost identical housing. It achieves this by using a new 90W LED (or 2 90W LED's in the bi-colour version). Although these light heads provide significantly higher light output, and in spite of the added cooling devices, the weight of these light heads is still identical with the original DLED4 40 W light head. Only the ballast has grown somewhat to accommodate the increased power. Alternative power supplies still allow battery operation.

The bicolor versions are continuously adjustable from 2700K all the way to 6500K. Pure monocolor versions in daylight or tungsten are also available.

The huge output of the 90w LED's has necessitated the use of active cooling across the entire TURBO range. Thanks to the design of the TURBO range, the 'active silent cooling' is virtually inaudible – even under the most critical conditions.

The new DLED7 Turbo is one of the most desirable, fully portable, robust and versatile light heads with all the known dedolight advantages plus optional battery operation.

Retaining the same size as the existing DLED & Classic series of lights opens up the huge range of accessories that provide endless creative possibilities. For example, The DLED7 as a key or fill light may be regarded as relatively aggressive because of the drastically enhanced output. The use of the optional soft box turns it into a beautiful, gentle light source with a much larger area for pleasing lighting and still sufficient output to cover most everyday situations. Other accessories such as the projection attachment can provide delicate and moody background projection. When such background projections are lifted slightly out of focus, you can easily create the illusion of a 3-dimensional world and depth.

The new Dedolight DLED7 may be the most versatile and unique tool for professional lighting, for use in the smallest team as well as for the highest demands in big blockbuster projects.