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Dedolight DLED4 LED Light Head Bi-Colour

State-of-the-art dimmable, focussing LED light source. (Bi-Colour version) *Power supply sold separately*

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The Dedo DLED4 is a state-of-the-art dimmable, focussing LED light source. It is available in Daylight, Tungsten and Bi-Colour versions.

Dedo's separate dimmer / power supply allows you to adjust the lights output with no color shift throughout the range. Dedo's patented aspheric lens technology allows the DLED4 to focus from a wide 60° flood position to extremely narrow 4° spot.

Dedolight's 'clean beam' light projection lets you put the light exactly where you want it without causing any unwanted shadows or stray light spill. While many LED panel light barn doors have limited to no functionality because of their PAR-type parabolic reflectors, the DLED4 can achieve precise barn door shadows and other effects.

The Dedolight DLED4 works with all Dedolight classic range of light shaping tools, scrims, gels and other accessories. It is this wide range of accessories that make Dedolights the most versatile light available. Dedolights are also renowned for their rugged construction, making them the light of choice for many demanding environments such as rental houses, universities and schools.


  • State-of-the-art LED light source with features exclusively developed by Dedolight
  • Dedolight patented aspherical optics
  • Astoundingly high energy efficiency
  • Unprecedented focusing flood/spot ration
  • Perfectly controlled precision beam with no stray light outside and perfectly even light distribution within the beam
  • Complete light-shaping control
  • Precise barn door shadows.
  • Aspherical wide-angle attachments with rotating barn door leaves

Please note: The Dedo dimmer / power supply is required to use the light and is sold separately. The DLED light can be powered via mains or 12V power sources using separate power supplies


Light Source LED
Rating Not specified by manufacturer
Color Range 3200K - 5600 K
Focus Range 4.0 - 60°
Focus control: 1 complete turn
Mount Standard 5/8" Lighting spigot
Operating Position Any
Tilt Function Permanent friction
Photometrics At 5600K
At 3.0' (1.0 m) Footcandle/Lux
Flood: 109 / 1,170
Medium: 217 / 2,340
Spot: 655 / 7,050
At 9.0' (2.75 m)
Flood: 12 / 130
Medium: 24 / 260
Spot: 73 / 783
At 15' (4.5 m)
Flood: 4.3 / 47
Medium: 9.0 / 94
Spot: 26 / 282
At 3200K
At 3.0' (1.0 m) Footcandle/Lux
Flood: 71 / 760.5
Medium: 141 / 1,521
Spot: 425.7 / 4582.5
At 9.0' (2.75 m)
Flood: 7.8 / 84.5
Medium: 15.6 / 169
Spot: 47.5 / 509
At 15' (4.5 m)
Flood: 2.8 / 30.5
Medium: 5.8 / 61
Spot: 17 / 183
Operating Voltage 100 - 260 VAC 50/60 Hz via separate DT4.0-1BI or DT4.0-1BI-DMX
10.2 - 18 VDC via DT4.0-1BI-BAT power supply
Power Consumption 47 W (via optional) AC power supply
Dimming Yes, 100 - 20%
Safety Protection Class III, SELV
No UV radiation
Cooling Passive (no fan)
Weight 1.36 kg (3.0lb)