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Dedolight DLED2 Daylight w/ Yoke & Stand Mount

Small, powerful, versatile. Daylight colour temperature fixed at 5600k. Separate light head for use with ballasts. Includes 16 mm (5/8") light stand fitting. This model requires the DT2-BAT Power Supply for power and dimming control.

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This model requires a Power Supply / Dimmer.

Small, powerful and versatile

The Dedolight DLED2 is a small, powerful focussing 20W LED Daylight light head designed to be used either as a powerful on-board light or to compliment it’s larger siblings in an interview, documentary or other small shoot settings.

In addition to it’s compact size and high output, the DLED2 has a low power draw of just 25 watts and features a high CRI of >91 and continuous dimming ability, with no colour shift.

Colour Temperature, Mounting & Power Options

The DLED2 range are available in Daylight or Bi-Colour versions with either in-built electronics or external ballast. There are also a variety of mounting options available including standard 5/8" stand, yoke or shoe mounts.

Dedolight LED Focussing Lights

Focusing LED lights present special challenges regarding colour distribution. Specially developed LED light sources in combination with Dedolight patented double-aspheric technology (recognised by the Oscar committee for Technical Achievement) have allowed for the development of the range of Dedolight DLED and LEDZilla focusing LED light ranges.

Every model in the range delivers perfect light distribution, the widest focusing range in the industry and allow the use of Dedolight’s unique line of light shaping accessories.

DLED2Y-D - Model Details

You are currently viewing the DLED2Y-D model which features:

Colour Temp: Daylight Only, balanced at 5600K

Mount: Yoke mount

Power: Requires a DT2-BAT Power Supply / Dimmer for power, dimming and colour temp adjustment.



CRI Rating >91
Focusing 50-5° (1:7)
3/4 turn on focus ring
Tilt Control with adjustable friction
Photometrics Flood
3' (1 m): 870 lux (81 fc)
6' (2 m): 218 lux (20 fc)
9' (3 m): 97 lux (9 fc)

3' (1 m): 1440 lux (134 fc)
6' (2 m): 130 lux (12 fc)
9' (3 m): 160 lux (15 fc)
12' (4 m): 90 lux (8 fc)

3' (1 m): 8600 lux (800 fc)
6' (2 m): 2150 lux (200 fc)
9' (3 m): 956 lux (89 fc)
12' (4 m): 538 lux (50 fc)
15' (5 m): 344 lux (32 fc)

All measurements taken at daylight color balance, tungsten has 25% lower output
Dimming Yes, continuous
Cooling Passive
Mount Standard 5/8" Lighting spigot
Accessory Mounting 2.3" (58 mm) in diameter
Power Draw 25 W
Operating Voltage 6-18 VDC
Safety Protection Class III, SELV, IP40
Dimensions 5.9 x 3.1 x 5.6" (14.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 cm)
Weight 1.8 lb (800 g)