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Chrosziel MB 602 Studio Mattebox

Code: ALF/602-01
Top of the line, studio mattebox for movie and HD-Cine production.

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The well refined MB 602 is designed for motion picture production and fits all prime and zoom lenses for Movie and HD Cinematography cameras. Height adjustment and a swing-away design make for quick and easy lens changes when using the 602.


  • Swing-Away-Design for quick and easy lens change.
  • Use of two, three or four filters combined with quick-lock filter stages.
  • For bridge plates with 19 mm or 15 mm rods.
  • Connecting diameters of 165 and 142.5 mm fit to Adaptors and Rubber Bellows for all Prime and Zoom lenses of Movie- and HD-Cine cameras.
  • The set includes one large French Flag and adjustable side wings.
  • The 1st filter stage is not detachable and carries the quick-lock; the second compartment of the set holds 3 filters in 2 stages; both stages rotate.
  • The 2nd and the 3rd filter can be precisely positioned by a toothed gear. The 3rd and the 4th filter are located in one stage and can be moved against each other and rotated together.
  • A flexible shaft and 4 filter holders are also part of the set. 
  • Optionally a set of 4 masks is available to optimise shading for lenses with longer focal length. 
  • For extreme wide angles, the MB602 is used with the additional single filter stage, rotatable, and with geared positioning. 
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Max. wide angle focus length F=mm: S16-6 / S35-10 / still-16 / SD-3.9 / HD-4.3
Format 16:9: S35 and HD
Masks for F=mm: 8 / 12/ 20 / 40
Max. filter number / rotating / gear positioned: 4 / 3 / 2
Filter stage width  (mm): 177
Filter size (inch): 6.6 x 6.6
Connecting diameter (mm): 165 & 142,5
Support system: Bridge plate with rod _ mm 15 or 19
Height adjustment: ±5 mm