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Canon EOS C200 Camera Body with CN-E 18-80mm Lens

The EOS C200 offers exceptional creativity and flexibilty in a compact and lightweight design, ideal for single shooters.

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Capability Drives Creativity

Canon's Super 35mm CMOS sensor along with newly developed Dual DIGIC DV6 image proessors deliver Cinema RAW Light recording at 4K DCI 50P internally to a CFast 2.0 card. It can also deliver 4K UHD recording at 150Mbps, and 2K or Full HD at 35Mbps to SD cards in MP4 format.

Supporting up to 15-stops of dynamic range with Cinema RAW light and 13-stops of dynamic range in MP4 9Canon Log/log 3), the camera is perfect for capturing highlight and shadow detail.

Innovative Focus Control

with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, superb tracking and smooth autofocus ideal for video capture is possible. Using the LM-V1 touch panel LCD monitor, users can intuitively select the subject they wish to focus on with simple touch operation.

Redefine What You Thought Possible

The 8.85M sensor supports 4K recording up to 4096 x 2160 for high quality images. 2K/HD recording (Over Sampling HD Processing) that takes full advantage of data from the 4K sensor.

Dual DIGIC DV 6 image processors are the core technology of this 3rd generation Cinema EOS System that offers wide ranging expressive capabilities and stress-free operation in a compact body

New Cinema RAW Light format retains a high degree of post production freedom when colour grading similar to Cinema RAW while achieving between a one-third to one-fifth file size

Support for UHD (3840 x 2160) 60P/50P makes long recording times possible on versatile SD cards while maintaining high image quality

The C200 supports high-speed recording with a maximum 120fps in Full HD without cropping, realising even greater emotion in visual expression

Ground-breaking AF technology that uses a CMOS sensor with a construction that combines the functions of both imaging and phase difference AF


LM-V1 LCD Monitor

Combine Dual Pixel CMOS AF with the LM-V1 LCD Monitor. With touch panel support, focusing becomes even more intuitive, with the capability to choose the subject for focusing with a touch

Dual Pixel CMOS AF

The C200 offers high-speed One-Push AF and continuous AF within a horizontal and vertical range of the screen of approx. 80%

Wide Ranging Inputs & Outputs

The C200 supports a variety of output signals via HD-SDI and HDMI. High quality on-board audio is delivered via 2x XLR terminals

Support for Viewing HDR

An EVF LUT with partial HDR simulation enables a view close to an HDR display. HDR View Assist (400%/1600%) checking is also possible on the LM-V1.

Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 4K Lens

The COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF-mount lens combines the benefits of compact size and light weight (only 1.2kg) for outstanding mobility. Designed to shoot video, this lens can be ideal for the cinematographer moving up from our EF lenses, combining the functionality of our EF lenses with the video shooting features of our Cinema lenses.

Acknowledging the need to control zoom, focus and iris/aperture, Canon has developed this zoom lens with full external servo control for drama, documentary and other video productions. The servo drive unit is compatible with industry-standard lens controllers including Canon's standard broadcast lens controllers (ZSD-300D/FPD-400D). The optional ZSG-C10 grip designed exclusively for this lens adds additional flexibility for the ENG style "run-and-gun" video shooter.

Our first Cinema style lens that incorporates both an Image Stabilization function and Auto Focus function, the lens is also fully 4K-ready, with a high optical resolution and support for Super35mm large-format cameras. A 9-blade aperture diaphragm helps ensure an artistic and beautiful representation of out-of-focus areas (or "Bokeh"). The lens also features a 4.4x zoom magnification, a focal length range of 18mm to 80mm, and a 180º smooth rotating focus ring.

Overall, the video features and functionality of the COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF-mount lens make it an ideal choice for a wide range of professional video shooting environments.


Broad Focal Length Coverage

  • Covering the commonly used focal length, 18mm to 80mm
  • Maintains focus throughout the zoom range
  • Performance that is stable across the entire zoom range
  • Brightness across the entire zoom range constant at T4.4 (equal to F4.0)

High Level 4K Optical Performance

  • Optical performance that is commensurate with 4K cameras with S35 format sensors
  • Same Color Characteristics as the existing Cinema Lens lines

Iris Mechanism for Motion Picture

  • Seamless Control Capability with iris ring
  • 9-Blade Iris
  • Iris Closing
  • Auto Iris available*

*These functions are enabled with compatible EF-mount camera models only, including Canon's Cinema EOS C300 Mark II and EOS C100 Mark II.

Newly Developed Servo Drive Unit

  • Servo Control Capability for all zoom, focus and iris
  • Power provided via camera mount*
  • Compatible with broadcast style servo lens controllers
  • Optional ZSG-C10 Grip for shoulder mount applications

Enhanced Compatibility with our Cinema EOS Digital Cameras

  • Auto Focus Function*
  • Continuous AF
  • One-Shot AF
  • Focus Guide

Other EF Functions*

  • Image Stabilization
  • Remote Control of Zoom, Focus and Iris via Camera
  • REC Start/Stop from ZSG-C10 Grip Unit
  • Peripheral Illumination Correction
  • Chromatic Aberration Correction
  • Lens Meta Data Record
  • T Number/F Number Display Select

Image Sensor 


Super 35mm type CMOS 


RGB primary colour filter (Bayer array) 

Total pixels per sensor 

Approx. 9.84 megapixels (4206 x 2340) 

Effective pixels per sensor 

Approx. 8.85 megapixels (4096 x 2160): When 4096 x 2160 or 2048 x 1080 is selected as the resolution Approx. 8.29 megapixels (3840 x 2160): When 3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080 is selected as the resolution 

Signal-to Noise Ratio 

50.00 Hz mode: 53 dB (Typical) [3840x2160/25.00P, Canon Log 3 Base sensitivity ISO800 (Dynamic range 1600%),HDMI OUT] 

Dynamic Range 

15 Stops (CinemaRAW Light)13 Stops (MP4/Canon Log3) 

Image Processor 




Lens Mount 

Canon EF Mount 

Lens Magnification Factor (for EF Mount lenses, including Cinema Primes) 

At 4096 x 2160 or 2048 x 1080 resolution: Actual focal length x approx. 1.460 At 3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080 resolution: Actual focal length x approx. 1.534 

Changeable Lens Mount 

Yes, mount change to PL mount possible via Canon Service centre (Paid for service) 

Peripheral illumination correction 

Yes with compatible lenses 

ND filter 


Focus control 

Manual via lens, manual via RC-V100 Auto Focus (Dual Pixel AF Approximately 80%(vert.),80%(horiz.)) 

Iris control 

Manual Via camera body or RC-V100, fine, 1/2 or 1/3 step increments, Auto (with compatible lenses), Push Auto Iris 

Image stabilization system 

Depends on lens used 


RAW Recording options 

RAW (Cinema RAW Light) 

Internal Recording 

Cinema RAW Light, MP4 

Recording time (CFast 2.0™card) 

128GB card 15 Mins (4K Cinema RAW Light 1Gbps VBR) 

Recording time (SD Card) 

128GB card 110 mins (MP4, 150Mbps) 485Mins (MP4, 35Mbps) 

Recording Formats 

Cinema RAW Light, (CFast 2.0™¹) MP4 XF-AVC (SD card. XF-AVC²) 

Recording Frame Rate 

(1) 59.94 Hz mode (59.94P/29.97P/23.98P) (2) 50.00 Hz mode (50.00P/25.00P) (3) 24.00 Hz mode (24.00P) 

Slow/Fast motion 


Interval Record 


Frame Record 


Pre Record (cache record) 

YES, 3 seconds 

Relay Recording 

YES, SD Card recording only 

Double Slot (simultaneous) Recording 

YES, SD Card recording only 

Scan Reverse 


HD->SD conversion 


Photo storage media 

SD Card 

Photo Recording Size 

2048x1080 (when video image resolution is 4096x2160/2048x1080) 3840x2160 (when video image resolution is 3840x2160) 1920x1080 (when video image resolution is 1920x1080) 


Wave Form Monitor 


Colour Bars 





YES. Zebra 1 Level 5 ±5% to 95 ±5% in 5 percentage point intervals (70 ±5%) Zebra 2 Level: 0% to 100% in 5 percentage point intervals (100%) 


YES, Centre, Horizontal, Grid Aspect Ratio(4:3 / 13:9 / 14:9 / 16:9 / 1.375:1 / 1.66:1 / 1.75:1/1.85:1 / 1.90:1 / 2.35:1 / 2.39:1 / Custom), Safe Area (80% / 90% / 92.5% / 95%) 


Built- In EVF 

YES. 1.77M dots 

Optional EVF Accessory 

Canon EVF-V70 (Also requires CL-V2 bracket) 

Display Panel 

Display Panel 

4 inch/10.1cm diagonal LCD Monitor. Touch panel. Approx., 1.23M dots 

Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 4K Lens Specifications

Model Name CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S
Mount EF
Image Coverage Super 35
Image Circle 31.4mm
Focal Length 18 - 80mm
Zoom Ratio 4.4x
Maximum Relative Aperture T4.4 (F4) at 18 - 80mm
Angular Field of View
1.78 : 1
24.6 x 13.8mm

68.7°× 41.9°
17.5°× 9.9°
Angular Field of View
1.9 : 1
26.2 x 13.8mm

72.1°× 41.9°
18.6°× 9.9°
Minimum Object Distance from Image Sensor 0.5m (1.7")
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.
1.78 : 1

43.4 × 24.3cm at 18mm
9.5 × 5.3cm at 80mm
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.
1.9 : 1

46.2 × 24.3cm at 18mm
10.1 × 5.3cm at 80mm
Front Diameter Φ84mm
Approx. Length 182.3mm
Filter Size Φ77mm
Approx. Mass with ZSG-C10 1.2kg (2.65 lbs.)
Pitch of Follow Focus Gear 0.8