Lemac Service Performs Steadicam Segway Conversion

One of our longstanding Melbourne customers, Antony Zhao recently approached Lemac Sales to enquire about the installation of a Steadiseg conversion on his recently purchased Segway. Always looking for opportunities to provide our clients with unique solutions, Lemac's experienced in-house service team jumped at the opportunity to work on the project.

With heavy payloads and up close talent, the exposed wheels of traditional Segways can be quite dangerous when shooting in the field. Replacing the standard handlebar system with a hands-free control-stick module which is gripped between the knees and adding fenders around the wheels, the Steadiseg system aims to drastically reduce any chance of error and promote safety when shooting on set. The Steadiseg kit allows the operator to achieve fast and efficient shots in situations where it would be impossible or impractical to lay dolly track.

The included hard-mount assembly also gives operators the choice to operate wearing the Steadicam vest should they wish to step off during the shot, or to hard-mount the arm directly to the Segway for shots comprised entirely on wheels.

The fender system encases the wheels protecting corners, people and objects.

About Antony Zhao

Antony has been working in the film industry since 2011 having trained in the US under Chris Fawcett and Steadicam legend and inventor, Garrett Brown. In addition to owning Steadicam Archer 2 along with a G50 Arm and Exo-vest, Antony frequently flies his Sony FS7 along with the Alexa mini on commercials and indie productions.

Having recently acquired his Segway from an esteemed operator based in the UK, Antony is looking forward to taking his operating to the next level by increasing his speed and the ability to track fast moving objects with ease.

“I’ve purchased nearly every piece of my gear through Lemac. I keep coming back for more stuff, because every time I come, it feels like home. The staff are like family, they’re always willing to have a chat every time I drop in, that makes me feel welcome.” – Antony Zhao.

Dreaming of modifying your kit?

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